Dreamfall - The Longest Journey

Dreamfall - The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is the sequel to Funcom's The Longest Journey
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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is the sequel to the 1999 game The Longest Journey. The story of this game sets itself 10 years after the original. Here, the Earth is divided in two parallel worlds: technological Stark and magical Arcadia. The story is centered on three characters, Zoe, April and Kian. Zoe's ex-boyfriend mysteriously disappears and she must find out what has happened. April is in Arcadia fighting the evil Azadi empire, while Kian is an assassin sent to kill April.

You explore the game in a third-person view, and you can interact with several characters and objects. Dreamfall tries to incorporate action elements into the game; however, the way they work might frustrate some people. The game is rather short and it doesn't represent much of a challenge. Puzzles are generally easy. However, the storyline behind the game and the graphical environments give this game a huge boost. This is not for every gamer; while some may like it, others may not. Try it first and see if it works for you. If it does, you can buy it in Europe through Empire Interactive's stores and in North America through Aspyr Media or (like all Aspyr games) through Steam's website.

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